• Geepas 2 In 1 Digital Tea Maker

    A morning never gets perfect until you get the perfect kick of a good tea or coffee. Geepas 2 In 1 kettle with tea maker is a great option in fast brewing water. When you are busy working, maybe you need to make tea or coffee, in the tea maker that is really simple for our kettle with filter, it just needs few minutes! The pour-over kettle is made of 100% food-grade material and stainless steel filter, lid, and spout which touch water, to ensures no chemical linings inside and safe for your health. With the auto-shutoff feature, this 2 in 1 kettle will automatically shut off when water reaches your desire temperature. And keep warm function can keep your tea warm so you can enjoy hot tea at any time. Turn the kettle on and walk away without having to worry. Once the water begins to boil, the kettle turns itself off automatically.

    Geepas 2 In 1 Digital Coffee Hot Tea Maker with flat heating base goes beyond ordinary tea making with precision steeping and extraction settings for the most enjoyable tea experience. You can use any kind of tea bag or tea leaves to create a gourmet tea taste in every cup. Its easy-to-use and audible signal lets you know when water is ready for steeping and ready to pour. Safe and precise electric kettle equipped with thermostat control. Non-slip handle provides a secure grip and remains cool to touch. It is comfortable to hold, and the spout doesn’t dribble when pouring. Easily serve and share favourite beverages with convenient cordless pouring. Smarter preset steep progress for a better taste of your fruitiest, most exotic, delicious, herbal-vicious infusions and won’t over-steep your tea. Adjust the power supply temperature at any time, and always provide you with temperature, thickened glass filter, intelligent slag removal, fast filtration.

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